Stacy A. Lawes


Stacy Lawes International, INC. was founded by Stacy A. Lawes. This fashion house was influence and created by Ms. Lawes with her new, innovative designs for men and women high-end couture and handbags. Stacy A. Lawes has a strong passion to create a groundbreaking company that will reach the masses around the world.
Stacy Lawes International, INC. will position itself to bring urban and high-end couture together to the forefront by becoming the eyes and ears of the next generation of fashion. It’s time for new modern styles with a taste of a classic essence that can stand the test of time and this company will help the present embrace the future.


  • Miami International University of Art & Design
  • Miami
  • FL Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design (GPA 3.3) D…
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • CAD
  • Adobe Art
  • and InDesign